The impossibility to fulfill Instagram’s Standards

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I think I’ve talked about this more than I talked about books or writing, or even promoting my own books. But it is a necessity now more than ever. Our mental health is the most important thing. If our mind isn’t well, the whole body suffers. That is a universal fact we cannot deny. We cannot go on trying to fit into a community, following all the trends in the world, or just going to our social media, scrolling down our feeds, and comparing our lives to those who live the “aesthetic dream”.

Living in a surreal world

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Every time I wake up the new day seems surreal; part of a distant reality written in a horror book. Every morning I need to remind myself that this is reality now. A reality I could never get used to. A nightmarish dream out of a monster’s mind in human form that came true. Monsters. Many monsters.

Where have I been

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Hello beautiful people. It’s been a while since I don’t update this blog and it is because many things are happening. First of all, I want to focus all my attention on finishing my novel this year. Also, I co-created a new blog/magazine where I’m posting all the content bookish and art-related. This new project is called The Dominican Literartist.


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Looking back, I see how I’ve changed through the years. It is good. I like what I see. Looking in retrospect, I’ve noticed a lot of things I wasn’t able to see before. I’m the same person, with another perspective. I’m fearless, I’m happier, grateful, dummy, funny, creepy knife lover.

What I decided to do with Instagram

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As I said before, the thought of leaving Instagram for good was running on my brain for a long time. This month, since the first day, I took the decision of deactivating my account. The reason as I explained in one of my latest posts as I didn’t feel comfortable with the out-of-real standards of the social network.

The benefits I see from quitting Instagram so far

Author life, bookstagram, bookworm, Content Creation, goals, instagram, journaling, journey, Life Update, Meet the Blogger, mental health, Mindfulness, Self-care, Social Media, writing

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion. I am not inciting anybody in any way to leave social media. What I post here is what works for me, as well as my desire to build my own platform with my own rules. I want it to be clear that I am not against social media, and if you use it wisely it is a wonderful resource.

It’s been a year… and a half

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Time is beyond human comprehension. This is the only reasonable explanation I find. We will never be able to understand how that constant line in the universe works. It seems to be simple, because it is just a line, and it is constant. But I didn’t come here to talk about physics today, as this blog is devoted to literature, books, and my career as an indie author (as well as random ramblings when I’m mad about something *hehe*). Though we can talk about anything we want here. So. Yeah.

I left Instagram…

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I’ve been having a conflict with Instagram for a long time. While the platform has served me to discover wonderful accounts with purposeful content, on the other hand, it hasn’t served ‘me’, if you know what I mean. I feel like as a writer and content creator, I put too much effort into creating my posts, brainstorming, always trying to make it better… It seems though, that for Instagram is not enough.