Facing Fear

I’m home alone acknowledging I’m feeling anxious. My heart race faster while my limbs feel as if they had disconnected from my body. I’m dizzy and everything hurts. It feels like dying, but I know I’m not. I lay down on the floor waiting for it to go. Minutes pass, they feel like hours. I’m... Continue Reading →


My Books

Hello cute people! You have no idea how happy I am right now!!! In a previous post, I told you about my new short story collection published on Amazon. Well, the thing is, I live in a Spanish speaking country, and some of my friends were asking me why did I write in English. So... Continue Reading →

My First little book

Hellooooo there! This is a special occasion for me I'm so so so happy to announce that yesterday I published my Short Stories collection on Amazon. These stories were written while my mind was wandering around all catastrophic outcomes. They are narrated from the point of view of different characters, each one, struggling with mental... Continue Reading →

I’m accepting

Accepting my heartbeat as it is, the proof I'm alive. I'm not scared to feel anymore. I'm accepting the pressure on my chest as a sign of discomfort, not a peril. I'm learning to accept life is not going to be a dream always. That it takes effort and discipline to succeed. I'm accepting the... Continue Reading →

Killing Commendatore

Synopsis: In Killing Commendatore, a thirty-something portrait painter in Tokyo is abandoned by his wife and finds himself holed up in the mountain home of a famous artist, Tomohiko Amada. When he discovers a previously unseen painting in the attic, he unintentionally opens a circle of mysterious circumstances. To close it, he must complete a... Continue Reading →


You cannot control EVERYTHING that happens around you. You can't change people. You can be happy in every situation because you are resilient. Your inner child has a lot of things to teach you, even if you are a grown-up person. Don't blame yourself for something is not your fault. Is not your fault to... Continue Reading →

Introvert Problems

Last Saturday night my aunt, who came from the States for a few months, invited me to a dinner party. As an introvert, I had my doubts, because she is very talkative and complicated, but I was hungry. Finally, I gave up and decided to go. Yes, I should have stayed home. I could have... Continue Reading →

Future projects

Hello dear readers! It is always a pleasure for me to hide behind this screen while I share with you my opinion and reviews about different topics. But I won't hide anymore and actually, this is a place that has helped me open a little bit more about sharing my point of view to the... Continue Reading →

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